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I wanna loose no footprints in the snow.

Quod me nutri, me destrui.

Say it loud and say it now: I'm anorexic & I'm proud.

I'd rather die thin, than live fat.

Hunger is beautiful - ana is LOVE.

Everyone is controlled by food, but only few people can control it.

Eat to live, not live to eat.

I am who they say I am.

Tell me I'm still special.

Maybe I'm a lonely girl in the middle of something that she doesn't really understand.

Mum and Daddy look, it's your little Girl starving for attention, dying for attention !

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Fat Butterflys don't fly.

May I'm Hungry but damn, I look good.

Die kraft steckt in den knochen. Erlauben wir ihen hervorzutreten.

Stop Binging - not tomorrow: NOW!

Never heard my silent cry, until i entered ana's way to die.

A perfect soul needs a perfect body.

Jedes mal wenn du nein zum essen sagst, sagst du JA zu ana!


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